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Product Care & Use

Benefits of HF Coors Dinnerware:

• Made 100% in Tucson, Arizona USA

• Lead Free

• Vitrified ceramic

• Will not absorb moisture or odors

• Transfers from freezer to broiler

• Broiler Safe, Oven Safe, Microwave Safe

• Dishwasher Safe, Freezer Safe

• Resistant to staining, cracking or crazing

• Two year guarantee against chipping under normal use

Guidelines to keep your ware at its best:

• Rubbing an unglazed "foot" against a glazed surface can cause surface scratches

• Stack with care

• Do NOT use on a stove top burner

• Avoid impact. Handle with care

H.F. Coors dinnerware is kiln-fired to 2320 degrees. During firing, the hand-painted and hand-applied decoration sinks into the glaze, creating a permanent design that will last for the life of your tableware. That's why H.F. Coors tableware made years ago looks as bright and new as the ceramics we produce today. We really mean it when we say H.F. Coors dinnerware will last for generations!