H.F. Coors is known throughout the world for its iconic Western dinnerware designs, supplying durable themed tableware for specialty Western restaurants, hotels, and ranches. Now only here, through HFCoorsDinnerware.com, the complete classic Western collections are available for individual purchase for home use.

Aside from a horse and water, the most important thing in a cowboy’s life was cattle. Without a herd, there was no work. The Longhorn dinnerware pattern by Till Goodon honors the famous Texas Longhorn, a breed of highly prized cattle known for its lean beef and ability to survive. In fact, even today Texas has a certified Longhorn registry to make sure the bloodlines are pure, and many sports teams in Texas are named for the famed cattle. The Longhorn tableware features a Longhorn steer in the center of each piece, and scenes from a Longhorn cattle drive as a border around the rim.