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Classic White Fish and Bread Platter

Classic White Fish and Bread Platter
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Product Description

We offer our versatile narrow oblong serving to meet every dining need. Whether you serve your family or feed a crowd, this platter comes in handy and offers unique uses for entertaining at home.

• Dimensions & Price: 8.5” X 23.5” - $29

• Cooking salmon or fresh-caught fish? You can do it all on these oven- or broiler-to-table platters.

• Are rolls or a French baguette on the menu? Just heat them up in the oven directly on the serving platter, and then bring it to the table to serve and keep them warm. (All our platters are stoneware, so they stay warm much longer than conventional plates.)

• And here are a few home-décor tips for the oblong platters, too: Put a row of three or four pedestal candles on the smaller platter for a perfect centerpiece on a long table. Candle wax can’t penetrate the platter, so it protects and decorates your table at the same time.

• Stack pine cones, Christmas ornaments, or fresh fruit on the large oblong for an entryway accent, welcoming your visitors

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