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Chili Pepper Salsa Set - Set of 6

Chili Pepper Salsa Set - Set of 6
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Product Description

Wherever you live, a touch of the Southwest brings American warmth right to your table. And nothing says warmth better than our best-selling Chili Pepper Salsa bowls.

• Naturally, they’re ideal for salsa and dips of all kinds, but they’re also terrific for other snacks and goodies.

• Use them at the table as accessory bowls for side salads – cole slaw, potato salad, and more.

• Fill them with nibbles for a dinner party, such as nuts, olives, or cherry tomatoes. And we even think they are perfect for candy. Just picture a colorful bowl of jelly beans in your favorite color.

• All the chili pepper bowls mix and match, so you can choose several in your favorite color or select an assortment. Either way, everyone will want to know where you found them!