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Aztec Large Oval Serving Platter - Mango

Aztec  Large Oval Serving Platter - Mango
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Product Description

Whether serving family-style or at a dinner party, our oval serving platter is an ideal tableware addition.

• Measuring 15” x 10.5”, it’s large enough to use for entrée dishes, such as roasted chicken, prime rib, barbecued ribs, and steaks.

• You can even carve a small turkey at the table on it, since its durable clay body won’t scratch.

• Great for homemade pizza, too. Like all our tableware, it’s oven and broiler proof. So you can cook the pizza in the oven, then bring it right to the table on the oval platter.

• And here’s a tip for the cook: Heat the platter to 350 degrees in the oven before placing the food on it. Second helpings will stay warm longer, since the ceramic platter holds the heat longer, and no one will have to eat cold ribs. (Naturally, if you do this, use oven mitts to carry it, and we recommend a trivet to protect your tabletop.)


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