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American White 3 Piece Mixing Bowl Set

American White 3 Piece Mixing Bowl Set
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Product Description

Our three-piece set of durable, functional mixing bowls is a must-have for every kitchen.

• Hf Coors American White color is a "Restaurant White". It is not a bright "Porceline White"

• They make a wonderful unique decorative wedding gift, too!

• Each set includes a 68-ounce white bowl, 112-ounce white bowl, and 168-ounce white bowl, to handle whatever tasks your cooking needs pose.

• There’s a size just right for mixing ingredients for cakes, breads, salads, meat loaf, stuffing, etc.

• Since the bowls are also lead-free and non-reactive, you can use them for beating eggs, marinating meats, pickling, and much more.

• Each bowl is sturdy enough not to slip and slide around the counter as you mix, nor will they scratch from mixing beaters.

• Home décor tip: These bowls are so beautiful, with such great design, you won’t want to hide them in a cupboard when not in use. Nest them, fill the top bowl with bright apples and oranges, and display them on a shelf. Then enjoy all the compliments from kitchen visitors.